Sober Life Victory is a place to celebrate the everyday and extraordinary moments of sobriety. Sharing the raw, real emotions of my journey to sober life victories. This site connects others on their recovery path and inspires those still uncertain of sobriety that a life without alcohol is one to celebrate.

I’m Gena, and by day I’m a wife, mother, and marketing executive and in my quiet moments, I’m a writer here at Sober Life Victory.

I write for those living the sober life, for those exploring an alcohol-free life and those with a curiosity about what life without alcohol can be. Bringing together those of us who see the joy in sobriety and to remove the shame from alcohol dependence.

My alcohol dependence started with motherhood.  I turned to wine in the evening to help me cope with the stress motherhood brings. The exhaustion, worry, and self-doubt. It started slowly. A glass or two every few nights to a bottle of wine a night. It was an eight-year decline into to needing wine to help me cope with all of my stress and anxiety as a wife, mother and career woman.  It took away my energy, my faith, and my joy. For more than a year, I knew I had to sever my ties with alcohol. It’s been difficult for so many reasons, but today I’m delighted to say that season is over for me. I am sober and oh so proud of myself.  However, sharing the joys of sobriety with others is not always welcome. That’s where Sober Life Victory comes into my story.

I don’t want to hide my sobriety in the shadows anymore. I don’t want it covered in shame or looked on with pity. I want to hold it up high and say there is a better way than numbing your way through life.  I want to create a community where we can share in these victories together.