My Hopes for 2017

I’ve never been a resolution kind of girl. They always make me feel like a failure. Last year I created a vision board.  Most everything on it came to fruition, and I’ve been working on another one for 2017.  But, more than just cutting words and phrases out of magazines and pasting them on a sheet of paper and hanging it in my closet I wanted to document my hopes for 2017.

My First Time Using an Umbrella (For Real)

The other day I used an umbrella for the first time.  I’ll say that again, the other day I used an umbrella for the first time. It was supposed to rain all day, and I had a meeting downtown where I knew I was going to have to park and walk a distance, and I didn’t want to show up like a wet dog.  So I grabbed an umbrella covered in cobwebs from my garage and put it my car for my meeting later that day.

Seven Books That Inspired My Sobriety

My struggle with alcohol was very private.  The Husband didn't even know how I felt about my drinking. There was one book that got me thinking about my drinking and how it was the one thing holding me back from being who I wanted to be in life. This book sparked my curiosity about alcoholics and my relationship with alcohol.